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Transitionalism, also known as Astronic transitionalism, refers to a post-omnidoxical belief orientation and the first to be described and categorised as a co-orientation. The term transitionalism is pre-Millettic in its origins and rests with the author, Robert P. Wasley, in the form of a non-theistic spiritual worldview introduced in the book titled Meaning, Being and Transition published in 2016. Cometan came across Wasley's new yet under-developed belief system in the summer of 2019 and worked to interpret the transitionalistperspective on spirituality through a purely and characteristically Astronic lens.

This particular form or interpretation of transitionalism is technically referred to as Astronic transitionalism as this is what makes it become categorised as a co-orientation. Astronic transitionalism principally upholds the notion that humanity has undergone a series of significant transitions throughout its history in the form of revolutions that have come to define a particular period which may have either been intellectual, religious, commercial, or political or a combination of these.


Major examples of such transition include the Industrial RevolutionThe Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, and the most recent transition, the Information Age. The Astronist postulation is that the next major human-wide global transition will come in the form of the Astronomic Revolution, a primary subsequence of which will be the Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos.

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The Vendox is the most well known symbol of Astronism.

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